The Book

Turning Rants into Raves: Turn Your Customers On Before They Turn On YOU! is for CEOs, business owners, and managers who want to improve the experience they are providing to their customers.

Customer service has evolved into a business strategy that helps companies differentiate themselves from their competition, sustain profitability and thrive in any type of economy, especially during recessionary times. It’s often the only competitive advantage a business has.

In the book, five principles of customer service are illuminated with insightful interviews with CEOs, business owners and employees who consistently demonstrate good customer service. We share illustrations depicting real customer service situations, both good and bad, that bring levity to a serious subject. We also show the financial value of implementing our principles by providing the impact to four business drivers and sharing the harsh reality of data on the sad state of customer service.

You’ll encounter Rant and Rave, two fictitious employees who depict real-life customer service situations — both good and bad.


Discover The Five Principles

  1. Think Like an Owner

    Make decisions, solve problems and do what’s right for customers as if you’re the owner of the company.
  2. Build a Relationship

    Establish rapport, demonstrate you care and show genuine interest in your customers and their needs.
  3. Remove the Roadblocks

    Eliminate obstacles that get in the customer’s way of doing business with you.
  4. Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

    Think about your customer, what he wants and how he wants to be treated.
  5. Capture Your Customer’s Heart

    Create an emotional connection with your customer that makes him feel special and appreciated.

About the Authors

Randi Busse

Randi Busse, President of Workforce Development Group, Inc., is widely recognized as a customer service expert. Since her company’s inception, Randi has become a trusted resource for many diverse companies and organizations that have relied on her guidance to help improve customer service and increase customer retention. Her organization provides training and coaching that fosters a culture of ownership among employees and provides them with the skills they need to delight customers.

Carol Heady

...Carol Heady, President of Learning and Performance Solutions, is a consultant,executive coach, and professional facilitator. She has facilitated hundreds of professional development training sessions and seminars over the course of 25 years. Her extensive customer service and operations experience combined with her human resource development and organizational management experience enables her to work with clients in three areas: improving customer service, increasing leadership effectiveness, and career management.

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