Dear Customer…

Dear Customer,

I started my business because I thought I had something special to offer that could help others, and that would be profitable for me. I make a product that people want, or offer a service that people need. I am an expert in my field and have done a lot of work honing my skills or enhancing my products.

I want to provide excellent service to you, I really do. But sometimes you make it hard to do that. When you call me on the phone and start screaming at me, or come into my place of business and are ranting and raving, it’s really hard to help you. I understand you’re frustrated, but I’m really trying my best, and screaming at me definitely doesn’t help.

I don’t always have all of the answers to all the questions you ask me. However, if I don’t know the answer, I promise that I’ll find it out and get back to you. Please don’t be angry when I can’t give you an immediate answer. I’d rather check it out and make sure that I’m giving you the correct information, rather than make it up and get it wrong. That wouldn’t do either of us much good, would it?

I want to deliver your product in a timely manner. If I say it will be delivered on Thursday, I am doing my absolute best to get it to you by them. Sometimes I have to rely on other vendors to supply me with products or services that are needed before I can deliver my product or service to you. I can’t control when the other vendors get back to me. Sometimes, they drop the ball. I am very upset when that happens because I don’t like to disappoint you, my customer. I know it will have a trickle-down effect and ultimately impact when I can deliver my product to you. It’s not intentional, and I hate that it has a negative effect on the relationship between you and me.

Another problem I face in running my business has to do with getting paid. We all have bills to pay, and I understand that it’s sometimes hard to pay in a timely fashion. I hate to complain, but just like you, I have my bills to pay, and I also have employees who depend on me for their paycheck. When you don’t pay me in a timely manner, it negatively impacts many people. I know things happen, and sometimes I can understand that you must pay late. You’re my customer, and to me, that means we have a special relationship. So all I’m asking is for you to give me the courtesy of a phone call to let me know. I’ll try my best to work with you. But when I keep calling you looking for payment and you don’t return my phone calls, that doesn’t feel good. After all, I delivered a product that you are already using, and when I haven’t received payment for it, and you avoid me like the plague, I feel like I’m being used and even abused. If the shoe were on the other foot, that wouldn’t sit well with you, would it?

We all want and deserve to make a living, you and me both. I’m delighted I can provide you with something you want or need, and that you’re willing to buy it from me. So let’s make it work. With so many other things wrong in the world, doing business with each other shouldn’t be such hard work. Thank you for listening. Now, let me place that order for you.

Happy to serve you,
Your vendor