Customer Service Audits

Customer service audits uncover what your company and employees are doing well and help identify areas of opportunity to improve the customer service experience. A third-party audit provides an unbiased experience that may not be the same as what happen “when the bosses are watching.”

Mystery Shopping Services

Our trained staff will visit your place of business and provide a comprehensive report that details their experience with your organization.

Areas addressed in the report will include:

  • Physical business premise
  • Quality of products, services, or food
  • Experience received as a customer

Telephone Audit

An audit of a customer’s experience with your organization on the telephone will provide an overview of the current level of service being provided as well as identify gaps in service.

A telephone audit can be conducted by:

  • Placing calls into your business posing as a customer
  • Listening to recorded calls with actual customers

Storefront Audit

How does someone see your company when they walk through the door? We observe, evaluate, and report on a customer’s experience when visiting your store.

Our Storefront Report documents the observation of the front-of-shop activities, including everything from finding a parking spot and walking through the front door, to transacting the business and leaving the building.

Through observation, we identify and document the experiences of your customers and provide a report highlighting the good practices and recommending solutions for improvement, where appropriate.

Restaurant Audit

Whether you provide customers with a casual dining experience or a gourmet meal, the goal is still the same: high-quality customer service. Even if you provide patrons with the tastiest food food they have ever had, if they have a bad experience in your establishment, then it will leave them with a bad taste in their mouth.

We will send a mystery diner to your restaurant to provide an objective report that details their dining experience, including feedback on the service, food, and overall impression of the restaurant.

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