Hiring the Right Person

Hire attitude first. Skills can be taught, attitude can’t.

Hire likeable people. Would you want to be served by them?

When interviewing, ask questions that uncover how this candidate thinks and acts in customer-serving situations. Their attitude will be evident in the answers.

Tell it like it is! Tell the candidates the good, the bad, and the ugly of working for your company. You can avoid a bad fit and high turnover if you are honest about your business, warts and all.

Keep looking. If you can’t find the right person, don’t make the mistake of hiring just anyone. It is better to be short-staffed than to be stuck with a bad fit for your company.

Hire someone even when you don’t need them. Good people are hard to find. Create a position for them, and grow into needing them. Having a good employee in place before you need them eliminates you desperately looking for them when you do!

Remember, you’re only as good as your worst employee. So hire the best!