Meet Rant & Rave

Rant and Rave are fictitious employees who depict the best and worst in caring for customers — and they might be working for you.

If your employees are acting like Rant, they may:

  • Only be working for a paycheck
  • Not care whether customers are happy or not
  • View customers as interruptions to their day
  • Often be rude or impatient and have a negative tone
  • Complain about the company and its leadership
  • Tell customers what they can’t do rather than what they can do

If your employees are acting like Rave, they will:

  • Take ownership of their position and your customers
  • Want to take care of customers
  • Make customers feel special, giving them their undivided attention
  • Smile and be pleasant and easy to deal with
  • Do whatever it takes to make sure customers are happy
  • Be advocates of your company


Are your employees acting more like Rant or Rave? How your employees act toward your customers will have a positive or negative effect on the experience they have with your company—and that will make a difference, positive or negative, on your bottom line.