TM: John Hill

If you missed this seminar, you missed a wonderful opportunity to learn the right way to service your customers. This interesting, informative, and enlightening seminar was presented to over 40 attendees by a panel of successful business professionals. The main speaker, Ms. Randi Busse, Founder and President of Workforce Development Group, really didn’t need any introduction, because she is well known and highly acclaimed as an expert in the field of customer service.

It was an interactive meeting with questions and comments coming from the audience as well as input from the panel members discussing their successful approaches to customer service.

Randi made us think, and she presented facts that made us aware of the right way to keep our customers not only happy, but also putting the “wow” factor into servicing them.

Randi continued to open the eyes of many business people that were in attendance and I am sure she left an impression that will be thought about and remembered for days, if not months, to come.

The majority of the evaluation forms returned gave this seminar an Excellent rating, with some of the attendees writing rave reviews.